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Our energy storage systems provide a solution to increased energy demands and rising prices. Sustainable, loss-free energy storage, for long term, for a better future!


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Why Choose Us?

Our company manufactures a wide range of state-of-the-art products, researches and develops innovative energy solutions for both residential and industrial use.

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Energy Storage

Long-term, loss-free storage, high-quality batteries and a uniquely developed control system (BMS).

Cost Effectiveness

The renewable energy sources and our system together help us cover our daily energy consumption, thus reducing our expenses.

A Secure Future

With the help of our system, there will always be electricity in your home, even if there is an obstacle in the energy supply.

Application Areas

Our company develops and installs both residential and industrial systems. The size of the electricity storage is calculated individually based on the electricity demand. Make an appointment with our colleague!


Industrial Usage

Your company or plant buys from public electricity networks, and in many cases you may encounter energy supply problems (natural damages, disasters, voltage fluctuations, etc.). When developing our system on an industrial scale, we took into account that the safe and stable power supply of your plant, industrial area or company should not be a problem in the event of power outages. After connecting renewable energy sources, your business can operate more cost-effectively and with greater energy security.

Residential Usage

Our system for residential use was developed in such a way that it reliably and stably ensures the power supply of your home even in the event of malfunctions. Our energy storage units guarantee our own energy source, which can be used at any time of the day. They help to make costs more predictable and reduce dependency on utility providers, bringing our customers one step closer to energy independence.

Energy Independence for Your Home

In case of solar systems, if smartestorage™ has not yet been installed, energy produced but not used is lost. To solve this problem, we developed our modular systems, which can be further expanded as supply needs increase, so we can even become independent from electricity suppliers.


SMARTESTORAGE™ stores the energy produced by the solar panel


Use stored energy day or night


Or use it in the event of a power outage


Recharge your storage with the energy produced by the solar panel

Our Innovative Advantages

Our innovative advantages that guarantee your operational safety and comfort.

Energy Independence

Energy storage brings you one step closer to energy independence by protecting against fluctuating energy prices by providing your own source of energy that can be used at any time of the day, even when the sun isn't shining.

Reducing Energy Costs

Energy storage can help reduce utility costs by allowing stored energy to be consumed during peak periods. Thus, the solar energy produced and stored during the day can be withdrawn from the battery at night or on cloudy days instead of utility consumption.

Reserve Energy

A major power outage can cause huge property damage, which can require a lengthy and expensive restoration process. Our energy storage provides a solution to these frequent but preventable losses.

Cyber Security System

We developed the security background of our energy storage system together with the Cyber Intel Matrix team so that you can keep your home and your stored energy safe.

Integration of Renewable Energy

Our energy storage system maximizes renewable resources by enabling efficient, accessible storage of excess energy. For many, this solution represents the turning point where renewable energy becomes profitable.

Can be Tailored to Individual Needs

We create our energy storage systems based on the specific needs of our customers. Modular design, easy installation, maintenance and capacity expansion, easy adaptability to any renewable energy source.

Balancing Electrical Loads

Energy storage makes it possible to store excess production for later peak periods, i.e. to fill up the energy storage when production is high and demand is low, and then release it when production falls and demand rises.

Reliability and Verifiability

The smartestorage™ system provides you with a continuous and safe power supply for your home, which you can check at any time even from your phone.


Our energy storage solutions play a significant role in increasing the reliability and predictability of renewable energy production systems, as well as in optimizing their efficiency.

Energy security and independence with the technology of the future

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